Digital Update

Digital business strategy

At DUG, we always start by studying the digital presence and the business model of our clients. This allows us to select the necessary digital tools to provide competitive advantages, working through all phases of the business model and innovating the processes of each company.

Our methodology allows us to find and understand the specific needs of our clients. We define their digital ecosystem and find areas to improve in order to reach their objectives.

These are the main areas we work with, depending on the client:

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  • Strategy

    We work in creating and developing digital brands through:

    • Optimization of the business model
    • Analysis of the audience and the digital presence
    • Identification of potential clients and insights 
    • Attraction, conversion and fidelization of clients
    • Rebranding
    • Workflow restructuring
    • Team training or the digital environment

    We understand the day to day habits of the target audience of our clients, designing and implementing the necessary strategies to create and/or optimize all the parts of their business FUNNEL and CUSTOMER JOURNEY

  • Platforms

    Each platform (WEB  – APP – SAAS) is personalized (BESPOKE PRODUCT) following a process of design thinking, which has 5 steps (INVESTIGATION – INTERPRETATION – CONCEPTION – PROTOTYPE – VALIDATION).

    Once the model is validated, the platform is developed into different programmatic languages.

    Thanks to our network of digital programmers and developers, we have talent from all over the world and expertise in each language, which makes it possible to achieve excellent results with a careful design, UX, UI and programming.

    In this way, we analyze the navigation and usability process of our users, knowing their interaction and optimizing the architecture and processes to design a successful platform.

  • Media

    We create graphic design and audio-visual content through our Divergence – Convergence process, in which we explore possibilities and come up with different ideas. Subsequently, we decide what action to take by extracting inputs and insights that help us reduce the spectrum and work on a single final proposal.

    Finally, we have our own network of collaborators, filmmakers and producers that are capable of converting the ideas into graphics and audio-visual of the highest level.

    We produce different material such as:


    • Storytelling
    • Video & recording 
    • Post-production y Motion graphics 
    • Animations



    • Branding
    • UX & UI
    • Art Direction
    • Data monitoring
    • Graphics & illustrations
    • Packaging
    • Editorial
  • Communications & advertising

    Reaching users is key, users who are in constant movement and change.

    Therefore, once we have all the previous elements (Strategy – Platforms –Media) we work on the communication mix, achieving traffic and performance objectives.

    The correct combination of all the elements (SEO – SEM – SOCIAL MEDIA – PROGRAMÁTICA – PAY PER CLICK – CONTENT – BTL ACTIONS) are key in achieving the objectives, reaching the desired targets in the most efficient way, increasing impacts, reach, digital identity and results.

  • Agile

    The use of current methodologies, such as AGILE, makes it possible to be more faster, more efficient  and allows us to limit costs for our clients.

    With multidisciplinary teams, formed by different professionals that focus on each project, we work through SPRINTS  (stages with clear objectives and defined in time and form), with meetings in SCRUM  methodology (fast, efficient and effective, marked by time, work rounds and objectives). This makes it possible to assign clear and defined tasks and optimize all processes.

    In this way, we can adapt the work philosophy for each sprint and involve the client at all times.

Smart Creativity

Creativity and differentiation are key, but we always base decisions on data and processes which help us define the best strategies that will help reach objectives faster. The strategy definition helps position the business and create a coherent identity for our client’s brand.

We aim to think outside the box